Improving dryer efficiency and output

In recent years, the Capaccioli Group has optimized its continuous and semi-continuous dryers. It has focussed, for instance, on the development of high-performance cone fans, of materials for improving dryer insulation and of new high-performance burners. Besides reducing heat losses by optimizing dryer design, Capaccioli applies modern measuring instruments for analysis and optimization of the product drying cycle. This paper describes the measures that have been implemented and their successes.

1 Introduction

The design of the dryer, a crucial component in the clay brick production process, has a significant influence on the type of production plant, its size and output as well as on the investment return.

The Capaccioli Group has been designing and engineering dryers since the 1950s. The first dryer realized by Capaccioli was a rapid roller dryer, effectively hailing the introduction of automatic continuous drying in the clay brick and tile industry. This prototype was widely used from the end of the 1950s and throughout the 1960s, in Italy and abroad. It was known as the “Moccia”...

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