Netherlands ceramics industry united in umbrella association: KNB

In 2011 too, the construction and housing market in the Netherlands remained in crisis. Severe winter weather in 2010 brought the brick industry a slight upturn in sales of facing bricks, after three consecutive years of heavy sales losses and in the face of poor prospects for the future. In 2011, the ceramics manufacturers decided to establish an integrated sector association for the entire ceramics processing industry: the KNB.

Sales and market developments

2011 was the year in which the Netherlands too entered crisis. During the course of the year, the Dutch economy slumped under the influence of the euro crisis, government retrenchments, falling exports and a cautious attitude in terms of consumer spending. The construction and housing market suffered particularly, influenced by uncertainties concerning the fiscal regime for mortgages, stricter standards for lending and new cutbacks.

Sales of facing bricks in 2011 increased by 8%, with exports rising by 6%. Despite this increase, the growth achieved was entirely...

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