Bedeschi installs VHTBED electronic cutter at KM Beta Cihelna Hodonin

Bedeschi Spa, the Italian plant engineering company, continues to invest in research and technical advances, launching successful new products onto the marketplace. In recent months, many new electronic cutters have been installed.

The VHTBED electronic cutter is designed and manufactured for cutting bricks, blocks, hollow bricks, hollow flat blocks, flue liners and chamfered bricks. The machine can perform cuts in different ways: horizontal, vertical, and inclined.

In the single-wire configuration, the cutting length can be set directly from the control panel without any additional adjustment on the machine.

A system to check column speed was developed to adapt the cut frequency with the possibility to chamfer the brick. As the chamfering system is located close to the cutting wire, it works extremely accurately. The machine is equipped with a wire cleaning system as well as with electronic control to detect wire breakage.

The cut pieces are spaced immediately after cutting with a system of belts driven by a brushless motor. All movements are driven by means of brushless motors and integrated with an electronic control system.

The machine has been installed and tested in the Czech Republic at KM Beta Cihelna Hodonin.

Bedeschi SpA


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