Tyrolit brick-grinding wheel with TGD Technology

Brick grinding precise to a tenth of a millimetre

The new Tyrolit brick-grinding wheel with TGD Technology combines precise cutting with maximized productivity for grinding high-precision clay blocks and refractory bricks. With this innovation, Tyrolit is setting a new benchmark in brick grinding.

Precisely cut bricks make the construction of exact, fast and “dry” walls both energy-efficient and sustainable. This trend is not new, but still has an influence even on manufacturers like Tyrolit, a leading manufacturer of bonded grinding, cut-off, sawing, drilling and dressing tools and as a supplier of tool and machine systems for the construction industry. This particular brick laying technique relies on precisely cut clay blocks. With this in mind, the developers at ­Tyrolit decided to apply the TGD Technology already proven in Tyrolit diamond technology to a brick-grinding wheel, ensuring increased productivity for brick manufacturers.

How TGD Technology optimizes economic ­efficiency

TGD stands for Tyrolit Grain Distribution and is a unique technology, which ensures consistently fast and precise cutting through an optimized, intelligent grain distribution. Tools with TGD Technology not only last longer, they also allow for quicker working with reduced machine stress thanks to optimized diamond abrasion.

Expanded spectrum of use

With the use of TGD Technology with diamond techniques, clear performance improvements could be realized in both product lifetime and cutting speed. It is for this reason that the Tyrolit research and development department has been working hard to integrate the successful TGD Technology into other fields of use. The particular challenge of integrating this technology for brick grinding, in comparison to smaller diamond tool segments, concerned the usage for large volume segments.

Precisely balanced, the body of the Tyrolit brick-grinding wheel can be used for dry grinding at high speeds of up to 100 m/s. In addition to providing extremely short grinding times, TGD Technology makes it possible to increase customer productivity by up to 30%. Chip-free edges guarantee clean grinding and significantly reduce waste. Optimized dust extraction ensures smooth grinding.

The new Tyrolit brick-grinding wheel is available in diameters ranging from 500 to 1000 mm for use with all common machines on the market. Like every product offered by Tyrolit, brick-grinding wheels are constantly being adapted to meet the specific needs of manufacturers and are available via Tyrolit distribution companies and partners.

Tyrolit – Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski K.G.


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