Ennadjah Brickworks produces hollow bricks and ceiling blocks on one line

Equipceramic has set up a complete brick production unit for Briqueterie Ennadjah Ouel Amel in N’Gaous, Algeria. This unit is designed for the production of hollow bricks and ceiling blocks. The special feature of this project is that the setting station has been equipped with a system for turning the products so as to avoid deformation during the firing process.

1 Introduction

In the newly built brickworks, 120 000 t/year bricks are produced (two-shift operation on six days a week), which works out at an average production rate of 368 t/day fired units. A wet grinding process is used for clay preparation.


2 Handling the green products

The clay column coming from the de-airing extruder is fed to an automatic cutting line consisting of a primary cutter followed by a multi-wire cutter. A loading arm unloads and sets the products. When the green products are set on the dryer car, it can set the dry products on a conveyor for the reception of ware.



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