Ceratec successfully starts up projects in Algeria

In June 2015, Ceratec successfully delivered a brand new brick plant for ArgiZas in Bordj-Bou-Arreridj (Algeria), a region well known for its clay deposits and numerous brickmaking plants.

The complete installation was delivered by Ceratec as a turnkey project, i.e. including the layout, the engineering, the soil preparation, the erection of the building itself, the integration of third-party machinery, the conveyor belts and the souring plant filling system, all safety systems, the assembly, the electric control system and the Ceraview supervision software.

ArgiZas is a classic, fully automated brick plant having a nominal output of 150 000 t of hollow bricks per year (B8 – B12 – B16), and is capable of switching to the production of decking blocks. Ceratec also integrated Händle preparation and shaping machines, opted for a fast dryer and built a traditional tunnel kiln. The hollow blocks are automatically stacked in strapped packs with two openings for handling with a forklift, but without pallets.

The complexity of the project comes from its geographical location. The plant is located on a narrow piece of land, situated on a slope. Ceratec suggested altering the classical layout to turn this drawback into a plus. This creative, cost-effective solution was one of the main reasons for the client choosing Ceratec over another supplier. The climate of respect and confidence played an equally important role.

Production started at the beginning of May, and full capacity was reached in early June. During this start-up period no problems have occurred. The resulting bricks are said to be the best available in the region!

The ArgiZas plant is proof of the steadily growing good reputation of Ceratec in Algeria. In the two last years, several projects have been successfully delivered in the region:

BesBes: 150 000 t/year

Barika: 175 000 t/year

Briqueterie de Béchar: 80 000 t/year

Tuildart: 120 000 t/year

Currently, Ceratec is at the preparation stage for three more projects, including Ain Defla (start-up expected in September 2015).

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