Cleia showcases its successes at Tecnargilla

At this year’s Tecnargilla, Cleia showcased its new highly profitable plant concepts “Platinum Roof Tile Plant” and “Brick Plant 4.0”. The trade fair also provided Cleia with the opportunity to show its strong growth

High-tech roofing tile plants: Since 2010 the French company has established itself as one of the market leaders for high-tech roofing tile plants. This is underlined by the last three installations completed in Portugal, Poland and Germany between 2011 and 2014

Advanced brick plants: Parallel to this, Cleia has built several complete and advanced plants in Algeria, Tunisia, Kurdistan, India and Belarus, and the company has several high-quality references on all five continents. In Algeria, one of the biggest mono-line brick plants of the Maghreb with an output of 1 000 t/day is currently being set up and around 40 robots are being installed in North Africa on seven production lines, adding up to 5 000 t/day

Albaraka CIE, Cleia’s subsidiary in Tunisia: The extraordinary industrial success of the Cleia subsidiary, which now has 75 employees two years after its founding, allows Cleia to propose real offers from the Maghreb to the heavy clay industry there

In this particularly positive context of numerous current and upcoming project realizations as well as successful modernizations, Cleia is inviting partners and investors to meet the company so it can present to them its solutions and ambitious projects.


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