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Luther’s Death House Museum

The building, which is a Unesco world heritage site, has been extensively restored and extended with a new building to create a museum. Basis for the...


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Händle holds house fête to dedicate new logistics centre

Experience meets innovation

Under that motto, plant and equipment contractor Händle GmbH Maschinen und Anlagenbau hosted a three-day house fête to celebrate the dedication of the...

90 years full at Goerg & Schneider

New chamotte tunnel kiln commissioned

Goerg & Schneider, located in Siershahn/Westerwald, one of the leaders in the extraction and preparation of clays, chamottes and ceramic bodies, has commissioned a new chamotte tunnel kiln at the plant just in time for the company‘s 90th founding anniversary. That makes this multi-stage investment project “Optimization of the production process and of chamotte firing technology” the biggest investment the company ever launched. In addition to the continued production of conventional raw chamotte for structural ceramic bodies, the new kiln enables firing at temperatures up to 1350° C and, hence, the production of high-sintered silicate



Dear Readers,

the 53rd Würzburg Brick and Tile Training Course is fast approaching. As Course Director, I am delighted to meet with the programme committee at the...


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A total of 93 building consultants from 24 backing brick manufacturers attended the courses held by Arbeitsgemeinschaft Mauerziegel e. V. (Working...


The 19th Eurosymposium focused on the topic „Reseach and Development  – Success Factors for the European Ceramics


On 8 October members of the Research Association of the Ceramic Plant Engineering Companies Essen (FoKA) gathered for their annual meeting, this year...


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On 24 September, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Anton Wolfgang Hart, CEO of Ziegelwerk Waldsassen AG Hart Keramik, turned


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Tracking down defects

What to do when products or materials do not deliver what they promise? In wide-ranging enquiries, industry partners describe their problems and...


56th Würzburg Brick and Tile Training Course 2017 | 56. Würzburger Ziegellehrgang 2017