Dr.-Ing. Volker Albrecht

Criteria for an energy management (EM) software
solution in the heavy clay industry

This contribution addresses a selection of essential standard requirements for the procurement of software systems, as set out in ISO 50001. Several such requirements are explained by way of example, one fundamental case in point being the preparation of a functional requirements specification in which the client company describes its criteria for the software solution.

1 Introduction

The main advantage of an energy management system and its requirements with regard to monitoring, measurement and analysis is that they make it possible to demonstrate by metrological means the actual savings on energy and/or improvements in energy efficiency (= lower specific energy consumption). In numerous branches of industry, this approach helps clarify the economic value of measures taken to improve energy efficiency. This is new, since in the past, so-called “after measurements” have often been either neglected or not suitably documented.

The DAkkS interpretation guidelines...

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