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Durability combined with energy savings

Refratechnik Ceramics GmbH presented itself successfully at ceramitec in Munich. Customers and interested parties from all continents saw the benefits of the  refractory systems. The tunnel kiln car model with three different superstructures proved a real crowd-puller. High interest was also shown in innovations as there are the integrated base frame for the roof tile industry, the alkali-resistant suspended ceiling and the insulating material RefraBoard.


The new product line was developed on the basis of renewable resources and is thus CO2-neutral. The unique combination of extreme fire resistance, high insulation effect and great compressive strength enables completely new solutions in the design of tunnel kiln walls, ceilings and cars. A huge variety of formats offers further degrees of freedom for new design ideas. The most important features at a glance:

Gross density: 1.15 g/cm3

Thermal conductivity: 0.4-0.7 W/m K (20-1000° C)

Cold compression strength: > 10 MPa

Application temperature limit: up to 1450° C

Base frame

With the aim of reducing the cassette spalling, Refratechnik Ceramics developed the base frame. Both the base frame and the H-cassette expand to the same extent and in the same direction. This minimizes damage by frictional forces. The advantage for the operator lies in a lower breakage rate of the H-cassettes and thus in a longer service life. Moreover, a base frame can reduce the energy consumption and increase the production capacity. Integrated base frames are placed directly on the supports in the car core, replacing the classic deck plate. They are designed with a perforation and are therefore much lighter than the solid cover plates. This results in a decisive weight reduction with the advantage of a high energy saving. Moreover, the height of the superstructure is reduced as the deck plate is no longer needed. This can be used for an additional layer of H-cassettes. The brick plant benefits from increased productivity.

Alcali resistant suspended ceiling

The alcali resistant suspended ceiling is yet another innovative product. The refractory systems of the suspended ceiling are the most sensitive area in the furnace system. Especially kiln atmospheres with a high alkaline content attack the refractory materials and can destroy them. Refratechnik Ceramics recommends to take alkali-resistant materials in the suspended ceiling area.

The demand for the long-lasting, future-oriented and high-performance products led to a high number of visitors at the Refratechnik stand.
Refratechnik Ceramics GmbH


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