Dutch clay brick and tile industry suffers in the difficult situation of the construction industry

2012, the first year in a new era of the KNB, the Dutch Association of the Clay Brick and Tile Industry, was a year of many positives with many events and activities. At the same time the Dutch Building Ceramics Industry was hit by massive losses, especially on the ­domestic market.

KNB was proud to present itself in its entirely renewed form both at the annual Master Bricklayers Day and the 2012 facade trade fair “Gevel”, in Rotterdam. In the spring, KNB generated huge publicity for the bricklaying and pointing professions, on the occasion of the visit by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix to the final of the 60th National Bricklaying and the 10th National Pointing Championships. Another highlight was the KNB MasterClass Facing Bricks for architects, organized this year for the tenth time in succession.

2012 will, however, also be remembered for an ever worsening market for...

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