Anne Tretau1, Ralf Wagner2, Frank Bonitz2, S. Alireza Pakdaman Shahri1

Material-specific moisture determination during brick drying

An in-line material moisture measurement system for continuous monitoring of drying progress has been developed, taking into account those material parameters dependent on the drying progress. In the paper, a laboratory-scale set-up of a dielectric measurement process is presented, which takes into account the wide moisture measurement range and the associated changes in the material properties dependent on the moisture content and density of shrinking green bricks.

1 Introduction

The objective of drying green bricks is to remove any water necessary for plastic shaping prior to ceramic firing. For this purpose, convection drying is used. Control of the dryer in this process is generally empirically based. It is necessary to know the distribution of moisture and accordingly the drying progress in the green product. The local and time moisture gradient in the green product can be currently calculated in theory. However, depending on the position of the green brick in the dryer, the respective drying states and the moisture distribution over the cross-section...

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