Modular grinding machines for needs-appropriate solutions

Keller HCW has been building need-appropriate grinding machines for fired common bricks for many years now.

As the diversity of format and applications has expanded, so have the qualitative and quantitative criteria for such machines become increasingly stringent. This Ibbenbüren-based company has always been able to find a market-assertive solution for each and every queried problem. Now, after successfully modularizing most of their machine products, Keller considers it only consistent to take a closer look at the diversity of implemented grinding-technological applications. The result: a machine that lends itself to project-specific configuration meeting all the customer‘s needs. The system can be freely configured as a function of the targeted range of product geometries. This new technology readily adapts to each and every application‘s technical and commercial requirements without having to reinvent the wheel.

Lutz Jankowski, Keller HCW GmbH


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