ArGeTon enables creative colour and surface design: Engobes and glazes extend the colour spectrum

New colour palette without limits

The ArGeTon GmbH presented - for the first time and at the Bau 2009 in Munich – a colour palette which is based on the diversity of the RAL colour palette. The colours used in it are, in this process, developed by each individual customer's request. In addition to the 13 known sherd colours, there are now engobes, fine engobes and glazes which can be realised. In this process, the company relies on the Wienerberger AG, the world's leading brick producer, with its broad expertise on engobes and glazes: across the entire spectrum, all known colourings from the brick-production industry, along with the associated techniques are, in the process, transferrable to the ArGeTon clay tiles. The previous colour palette for ceramic sherd colours serves here as a basis fort he new surface coatings. A dark-blue glaze, for instance, is applied to a dark sherd; a yellow glaze is applied to a light-coloured one. With that, the cut surfaces of the sherd relinquish the "spotlight" in terms of appearance.


Colours from subtle to intense

While the previous colour palette (based on sherd colours) by ArGeTon was structured to a rather reserved and subtle colour design, the new diversity also primarily appeals to those designers who are ambitious in terms of colour design. Here, for instance, also shiny-colour glazes and metallic effects are possible. For the first time, fronts can be realised in colours such as greenish, bluish or shiny yellow and pure-white shades. For the engobes and glazes, only top-quality and time-tested basic ingredients are used – which meet the standards set by the widely-recognised high quality which the base sherd by ArGeTon displays.  


Surface and colour combined creatively

 The flexibility of the newly-established production lines at the Görlitz plant will enable even the most unusual of combinations in the future: using the ArGeTon front surfaces Terzo or Lineo, all conceivable or artistically striking combinations of various colours and surfaces can be implemented – by each individual customer's request.


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