Optimizing the heating of industrial furnaces

Newly developed flat-flame burner for liquid fuels

Zink Körner GmbH and OWI Oel-Waerme-Institut, working on a joint research project, have developed a concept for flat-flame burners with power levels of 90 kW and 180 kW for use with ­liquid fuels (i.e., such middle distillates as heating oil). Flat-flame burners for gaseous fuels are state of the art for heating industrial furnaces. Based on a series of test-bench experiments, they created a burner quarl with new geometry that stabily flattens the twisted flames of both power levels for complete and thorough combustion. For preparing mixed-liquid energy sources, a partial premixing concept was devised and integrated into the burner quarl, along with an alternative external pre-evaporation concept. Spatial separation of evaporation and combustion yields a stable combustion process allowing the use of alternative fuels with unfavourable evaporation behaviour, e.g., rapeseed methyl ester. The exhaust gas emissions achieved in the project stay below the limits defined by TA-Luft (German Clean Air Act). The components of the mixture preparation assembly are arranged to minimize thermal stress. The burner has cold-start capability at the 90 kW power level. With this newly developed burner for liquid fuels, Zink Körner GmbH will be able to meet rising international demand for combustors in countries where the natural gas infrastructure is either unreliable or nonexistent.

OWI Oel-Waerme-Institut GmbH


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