Office building in Münster sets textile exclamation mark

The sight of the around 70-m-wide façade of the newbuild for the Association of the Northwest German Textiles and Clothing Industry gives the impression of the new office building being swathed in cloth.

With the help of specially developed shaped bricks and their computer calculated positioning, the architects behet bondzio lin based in Münster have succeeded in creating an impressive flagship for the textile association and its members.

Six different shaped bricks create the impression of a flowing swathe of cloth. With the different deviation of the bricks, the façade appears to be in motion, with different depths that reflect the sky differently in an interplay of light and shadow.

Starting point for the development of the individual shaped bricks was a thin-format brick with a 90-degree angle. In six steps, this thin-format brick was extended by 2.5 degrees so that bricks with an angle up to 105.50 degrees are formed to give the overall impression as if the bricks have been turned out of the wall.

Architects | Architekten
behet bondzio lin, Münster

Photo | Foto
Deppe Backstein-Keramik GmbH; Andreas Secci

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