Syngas for sustainable clay brick and roofing tile ­production (Part 1)

A small-scale test was conducted at a high-temperature gasification facility to determine whether syngas can be used in the firing of clay bricks and roofing tiles. As the quality and colour of these products depends on different factors, the influence of the changed gas properties on the properties of different end-products was investigated. The results are described here. Part 2 will focus on the legal aspects of the production and combustion of syngas.

1 Introduction

Clay bricks and roofing tiles are fired in a firing process at high temperatures, usually in a tunnel kiln. For heating the kiln, a large quantity of fossil fuels, mostly natural gas, is used. To reduce the amount of natural fossil energy required, the possibility of using specific waste-derived fuels was tested. In most cases the waste-derived fuels refer to solid fuels. These, however, are not suitable for use in clay brick and roofing tile firing, especially if the colour of the products is important, as is the case with glazed roofing tiles. As a usable recovered fuel for...

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