Timo Mader – ZMB Braun’s new managing director

Since the 1 April, Timo Mader (37) has been fortifying the top echelon at ZMB Braun GmbH as its new managing director. Together with Gerhard Fischer, CEO at Händle and ZMB Braun, he intends to advance and enhance the company’s Friedrichshafen works, in particular by sustainably and effectively optimizing the plant’s processes and procedures. Since Händle GmbH, Mühlacker, acquired ZMB Braun in 2014, numerous seminal restructuring measures have been implemented, culminating in a successful 2016 business year.

Timo Mader can look back on a full decade of career experience in the mechanical engineering sector. First trained as an industrial mechanic, he subsequently studied industrial engineering and earned an MBA in international business management. Now 37, Mader has held various executive positions in the areas of sales, distribution and management at highly reputed mid-range companies in Germany and abroad.

Mader wants to focus now on making the company more thoroughly customer-oriented. This will entail developing additional innovative, market-appropriate, customized solutions while safeguarding and optimizing ZMB-Braun’s high quality standards. Indeed, the manufacture of high-quality products in the field of dies and extrusion tooling will, of course, continue to enjoy highest priority.

ZMB Braun GmbH


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