Unipor brick factories boost sales and revenues in 2012

The upswing in ­Germany‘s residential construction sector is having a positive impact on the current business figures at Unipor-Ziegel-Gruppe: The group‘s nine member companies at 12 locations increased their adjusted revenues from € 75.5 million to € 83.5 million (+ 10.6%) in 2012, during which they sold 561 million standard brick units, or 1.8% more than the year before. Nevertheless, the individual sales figures differ widely from region to region. As Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Thomas Fehlhaber points out, Coriso building bricks account for more than 50% of all exterior-wall heavy clay products sold by Unipor in some parts of Bavaria. The approx. 130 million standard Coriso units sold last year figure to a roughly 23% share of the group‘s total turnover for the year.

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