Unusually angled bricks enliven façade in Lindau

Lindau on Lake Constance is a pulsating town with an old quarter that attracts lots of tourists. In Aeschach, part of the town bordering on Lake Constance, next to a central roundabout, Lu-Ki2 has been built. This residential and business building is a real eye-catcher. Clay bricks clad the façade, lending the building a classical and yet contemporary look. The brick’s impact is derived from the light grey and sandstone-coloured shades, sometimes going into an earthy brownish black. The overall impression given by the façade is reminiscent of traditional brick, recalling the historical buildings in the neighbourhood. The glass of the balcony parapets and the shading systems provide a modern counterpoint.

Laying of the bricks with the reverse side showing is a design feature of the façade, creating high-quality fair-face masonry. The reverse laying of the bricks contributes to a visually interesting and varied appearance. Another special feature are specially shaped bricks with defined angles that are used on two corners of the building: angles of 64 and 116 degrees break up the traditional image of the 90 degree bricks and open up new perspectives on the structure. With the Lu-Ki2, Lindau has a new building on a prominent site that fits in perfectly in the old town and at the same time radiates timelessness.

Architect | Architekt
Christoph Preis, Lindau, Germany/Deutschland
Photo | Foto
Hagemeister GmbH & Co. KG, Nottuln
Florian Selig


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