48th Würzburg Brick and Tile Training Course – a forum for advanced training

This year’s Würzburg Brick and Tile Training Course will be held from 1 to 3 December at the Landesgewerbe­anstalt (LGA) in Würzburg. In addition to providing the latest information on CO2 emission trading, the ­lectures will focus on various possibilities for filling bricks and saving energy during drying and firing. An excursion has been arranged to Schott Solar AG, Alzenau, which will be presented in a talk prior to the trip.

CO2 emission trading: basic principles, current situa­tion and negotiations in Copenhagen
From 2013 the third phase of the European CO2 emission trading begins. From the view of the clay brick and tile industry, besides the range of application, the type of certification allocation (keywords benchmarks and carbon leakage) will change. A subject of discussion will also be further regulations regarding small-scale plants, which apply to a large part of the clay brick and tile industry.

The lecture will present the current status of these topics and give an insight into the developments in the...

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