Cost reduction by process analysis

Lingl, the supplier of plants and machinery from Krumbach offers three central blocks in the plant and pro­cess optimization in its service quotation: Analysis of the raw material, process analysis at the dryer and process analysis at the kiln. Especially when modernizing plants the process analysis is an important pre­requisite for the optimization of the complete plant as to the objective target of output quality and quantity improvement as well as to the reduction of emissions and consumptions.

1 Analysis of the raw material

With this service Lingl now is able to offer the customer an extensive analysis of the processed raw materials. With state-of-the-art laboratory and analysis techniques specialized experts carry out investigations on the following sectors:
› Quantitative mineral analysis
› Screen and sedimentation analysis
› Chemical analysis as well as determination of the content of organic and inorganic carbon, content of sulphide and total sulphur content, chloride and fluorine content
› Elementary analysis of additives as porosity enhancers, slag as well as carboniferous...

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