Prize-winning structural clay products quite convincing – qualitatively, ecologically and culturally

“austrian brick and roof award 11/12“ conferred in Vienna

At the Museumsquartier
Wien in Vienna last November 10, people from the industry, scientific circles and the training sector, as well as interested architects and media figures, convened in the halls of the Architekturzentrum for the 3rd austrian brick and roof award (ABARA). The prize was bestowed on five projects selected from 32 submissions by a jury of experts.

“In terms of value retention and the stability of structures, structural clay products play a central role. That’s the way it has been for thousands of years, not only with regard to historical structures in Austria and, indeed, throughout Europe, but also and more than ever to modern, future-oriented construction”, asserts Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Prommer, Austria‘s manag­ing director of Verband ­Österreichischer Ziegelwerke (VÖZ – association of Austrian clay brick and roof tile producers). “Clay building materials are known for high quality from a holistic point of view and, above all, for how they help create cosy, comfortable indoor climates. The optimal interplay of cosiness, economic efficiency and environmental protection is becoming more important all the time. As all-rounders, clay building products are very convincing at every level of sustainability – quality, economy, ecology and culture.”

Clay construction materials in all their diverse functions – particularly for walls and roofs – make anything possible, as demonstrated by the projects that took the austrian brick and roof award:

Together with Tondach Gleinstätten and Wienerberger Austria, VÖZ created this contest to show how attractive, exciting and versatile clay-base buildings can be. At the same time, VÖZ wished to set up a presentation platform and provide an instrument of recognition for modern brick architecture in Austria. ABARA 11/12 bestowed € 2000 prize money on each of five winners and nominated five additional projects. “With this total of ten Austrian submissions, we intend to make a strong local contribution to the international “brick 12” contest, where the best examples of modern brick architecture around the world will be honoured”, explains Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Koch, VÖZ‘s managing director for Europe.

The winners in the four specific categories were:

› small-volume residential (single-family home, duplex): House H, Silz – Arch. Dipl.-Ing. Ferdinand Haslwanter
› large-volume residential (terraced house, multi-family house): Assistable Living, Ernsthofen – Poppe*Prehal Architekten
› non-residential (office building, school, hospital, church, etc.): Franciscan Monastery, Güssing – Arch.­ Dipl.-Ing Michael Lingenhöle
› steep-pitched roof with clay roof tiles (residential and non-residential): Court G, Kitzbuehel – Architekturbüro Seifert
In addition, a special “Renovation” prize was created for an exceptionally remarkable project: Vineyard 12, ­Fehring – Arch. Dipl.-Ing. Eckehart Loidolt.

For more information and photos of the winning projects and their architects, please go to!


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