Berlin’s Archaeological Centre

The polarity between earth-coloured, seemingly monolithic bricks and an abstractly white interior is the striking feature of the newbuild that is Berlin‘s Archaeological Centre. In the direct vicinity of the Baroque Bode Museum and the Grimm Centre designed by the Swiss Architects Max Dudler, which was opened in 2009, harris and kurrle architekten have built two interlocked structures, which in an abstract way is reminiscent of the sculptural power of archaic buildings. The thin-format façade bricks laid on edge in shiner courses underscore the monumental form and mass of the building. At the same time, the wide-ranging colour shades of warm grey shades, interspersed with sandstone-coloured veins, breathes life into the homogeneous façade surface. The closed masonry is only broken up by one-metre-wide, two-storey-high windows in a deep reveal as well as large-area glazing at the corner of the building, which sets the scene for the main entrance.

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