Hans Marks has retired

On 21 September, TKCI together with many invited guests bid farewell to Hans Marks as he took his retirement.

For nearly 41 years, Hans Marks worked for TCKI, the ceramic research institute and consultancy firm established in Arnhem in the Netherlands.

Over the last 20 years he has been a member of TCKI’s management team together with Hans van Wijck.

For many years Hans Marks was the face of TCKI in the Netherlands and Belgium, but he was also a familiar face in the surrounding countries where he had many contacts. His strength was always his unparalleled technical-ceramic knowledge and his ability to communicate in a very pleasant, convincing and sometimes also insistent way, both with manufacturers as well as with suppliers within the ceramics industry. He was always working on a triangular relationship with producers and suppliers.

His knowledge and insight resulted in many innovations and also protected the ceramic industry from failures and incorrect views, for which the entire ceramics industry is very grateful to him

From 1 September, Ronny Lugtenberg has been appointed Deputy Director. Together with Hans van Wijck, he will work within TCKI as a knowledge and service institute and as supporter of the ceramics industry.

Although Hans Marks will continue working for the ceramics industry, he now has more time for his private life and other activities.

We should like to express our sincere appreciation to Hans Marks for his unprecedented commitment and for what he has done for the ceramic industry for many years, and we should like to wish him and his wife Inge many happy and healthy years ahead!

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