Dipl.-Ing. Eckhard Rimpel

Syngas for sustainable clay brick and roofing tile ­production (Part 2)

A small-scale test was conducted at a high-temperature gasification facility to determine whether syngas can be used in the firing of clay bricks and roofing tiles. As the quality and colour of these products depend on different factors, the influence of the changed gas properties on the properties of different end-products was investigated in Part 1. This part will focus on the influence of the atmosphere on the colours and the legal aspects of the production and combustion of syngas.

6 Influence of the atmosphere on the colours

With the naked eye it was not possible to see any differences in the colour of all the products. Most important are the colour differences in roofing tiles. Because of this a colorimeter was used.

6.1 Test description

The used colorimeter measures a Lab colour space, which is a colour-opponent space with dimension “L” for lightness and “a” and “b” for the colour-opponent dimensions, based on nonlinearly compressed coordinates. The L*a*b* colour space includes all perceivable colours, which means that its colour gamut exceeds those of the RGB and CMYK...

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