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Zi Russia

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1 to 4 April 2014

Buildex renamed Batimat Russia

To further raise the profile of this event in the eyes of both exhibitors and visitors, the organizers have renamed the trade fair formerly known as Buildex to Batimat Russia. This international...

Issue 2/2014

Cleia active in Russia

Three new lines in Russia and Belarus EIA The first line was set up in Novomoskovsk, which is located in the region of Tula, south of Moscow, Russia. This new line was set up parallel to the existing...

Issue 7-8/2012

Keller – Successful in Russia for 100 years

In 1912 Keller supplied the first fully automatic brick factory to Russia. By the standards of the time it was an ultramodern factory that included the first fully automatic brick handling machine in...