Start of production at the Gral plant in Filo d’Argenta

The new Gral plant in Filo d’Argenta is one of the largest Italian manufacturing units working with only one production line. The D’Agostino family and Unieco had commissioned the Sacmi Group, Imola, to carry out the construction of the plant which has meanwhile gone into production. This report describes the innovative aspects of the project regarding the dryer, as well as the new dry purification and recuperation system for fumes, which will contribute considerably to reducing the consumption of thermal energy.

1 Introduction

The new plant of the Gruppo Ravennate Laterizi (Gral) was built jointly by the Divisione Laterizi di Unieco – an influential industrial group founded in 1904 and organized as a cooperative – and by IBL – a long-established company with factories in Cotignola (Ravenna) and Bentivoglio (Bologna) belonging to the Gruppo Dafin, run by the D’Agostino family. The design and construction of the complete production plant was entrusted to the Heavy Clay Business Unit at Sacmi.

The plant, which uses the sector’s most advanced technologies, is one of the most important investments made...

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