Reports on brick-built properties

Here you can find reports on brick-built properties...


● Clay brick linking the old and the new

● Red-blue multi-mix bricks from A K A define the appearance of the BUG multi-storey building

● Solid clinker facade as a defining feature of the newly built Werkstattschule in Rostock

● Lilien-Carré: brick facades as “character actors”

● Heilbronn Freie Schule: clinker facades as a protective “town wall”

● Refurbishment of four residential buildings in Hamburg-Eilbek

● Extension to the Education Centre for the Visually Impaired in Unterschleissheim near Munich, natural red clinker masonry to meet the needs of the blind

● New coaching centre for young talent at VFL Wolfsburg football club impresses with its combination of materials 

● Apartment blocks in Hamburg-Stellingen

● Facade with profile for Nestlé in Singen

● School wall with hidden qualities

● New Big Dutchman administration building combines clear design vocabulary and functionality


● An architect's house in Plettenberg: very original design with no right angles 

● Modern brickwork masonry embedded in heritage-protected farmst ead

● Hainburg senior citizens' residential community: superior thermal and acoustic insulation despite slender walls

● Brick architecture meets Chinese philosophy

● Poroton T9 high-precision clay masonry units T9 hold down energy consumption

● Poroton S11 high-precision clay masonry provides for peace and quiet - right in the centre of town

Clay roofing tiles

● Restoration of Schillerhaus in Rudolstadt

● Plain-tile roofing sets "natural red crown" atop erstwhile residence

● Romantik plain tiles now adorning historical Church of St. James in Ilmenau

● Soft-mud plain tiles from Jacobi now crowning historical hospital building

● Quarter 1 on Dresden's New Market

● Artful carpentry under a rustic roof


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